About Trevor

Trevor Steele is an Australian who has spent a lot of his life in other countries, but he also walked on foot across Australia at the tender age of 53.

Basically a teacher of languages (German, Esperanto, English, Latin) and history (modern and medieval) he has also been a social worker in Germany with a highly dangerous clientele (see Winter 1968) .

Among other things he has twice been a volunteer worker at an Esperanto community in the wilds of Brazil where orphan children were looked after. He has also worked as an educational advisor in Arnhem Land, a vast Aboriginal reserve in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Trevor’s primary literary language is Esperanto, the beautiful international language, but these days he writes in English as well (the list of titles is growing).

He is also a committed environmentalist, painfully aware that only worldwide cooperation will give us a chance to save the planet as a fit place for humans to live.

His condemnation of injustice in Australia and elsewhere is a crucial element of his novels and short stories.